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Hi I'm Rochelle and I love dog grooming! I am a gentle and patient groomer with over 6yrs of mobile and salon experience. I especially enjoy mobile grooming because I get to know pets and their families one on one.

Growing up my family would tease me calling me the dog whisper because I attracted the most stubborn and shy dogs. I started my grooming career in 2014 apprenticing under a well known Bay Area groomer and she specialized in poodles, doodles and curly coated breeds so I have lots of experience with those breeds.

I also have a toy poodle myself and I do breed cuts and custom cuts for special needs and  lifestyles but I don't groom cats.

Here is my Instagram if your interested in seeing some of my work: Essential.grooms.eastbay

Call/Text/E-mail:  916/504-7154 -


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