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About Jessica

My name is Jessica King and I have been grooming since 2014. Terriers are my favorite breed group to groom, but i am able to groom any breed to standard.

The reason I became a groomer is to make dogs and cats feel and smell great because there is nothing like sitting there with your companion and seeing the works of art come to life in their spirit as well as my own.

I started mobile after being in a shop for most of my grooming career because I like how I can be one on one with the dogs and cats and see the difference in how they cope with not being so far from home. I also like the developing new relationships with the owners. I also like that I can do multiple pets at the same time and see how more relax they are getting groomed together.

I am focusing in the galt/wilton area, but to go into Elk Grove area. I do both dogs and cats of any size and breed.

Call or text: 209-787-9457 (Text is preferred). I accept cash, check or Venmo.


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