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About Haley

I have been in the pet industry since 2009. I started off as a medical assistant at Valley Humane Society through the Medical Occupations class in high school. After 2 years of medicine, I started working at Petco while attending college. I gained valuable knowledge about cat and dog nutrition, training, behavior, and socialization. I specialized in different departments such as birds, small animals, aquatics, and reptiles.

I moved up to management for a couple years, but eventually, in 2013 I realized that pet grooming was the right path for me. I am very passionate about my career. I continually strive to gain more education and learning new techniques by attending seminars and grooming expos. I use positive reinforcement with the utmost care and safety in mind when it comes to pet grooming. I like to make the pets feel happy and comfortable.

I love that the van offers a private groom session in a low stress environment. I honestly enjoy grooming any breed of dog, but if I had to pick favorites, it would be the ones with long fluffy coats such as Maltese, Havanese, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Doodles, etc., because I love to hand scissor. But the old man and old lady dogs will always have a special place in my heart.

Follow me on instagram to see the lovely pups in my care: @therufffluffery

Call/Text/E-mail: 925-344-2206 rufffluffery@gmail.com to set up an appointment.


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