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NiCole & Jeff Rieland

NiCole has been a groomer since 2003 and in 2007, Jeff joined her in their love of grooming animals. In 2011 they created Dog Gone Purrfect! and never looked back. NiCole now runs the scheduling and manages the business, while Jeff maintains their fleet and still grooms the big dogs! Their passion for providing a loving, safe environment for all ages and sizes of dogs and cats has lead to the largest mobile pet grooming company in the Sacramento area. Quality of care with professional customer service has always been their goal.


I've been with dog gone Purrfect since October. Prior to working for the mobile grooming, I volunteered at the spca for 2 years. I socialized the dogs with each other and with other human interactions, later leading to their adoption. Some of my favorite breeds are Rottweilers, basset hounds, heeler/pointers. I grew up with larger dogs, Rottweilers especially, and where some people are intimidated by these breeds, I'm not.
Reasons why love the mobile business : I love driving already, our grooming session only last on average 1-1.5hrs opposed to all day, less stress on the dogs and owners (the struggle to load animals in vehicles/cages).
Grooming in general - I love seeing the impression on the owners face when their pup comes back all nice and clean. I also love working with dogs and I have the patience to work with them and not against them.


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